Inetegrate the CFL’s Food Education Programming into your School’s Curriculum

The Children’s Food Lab integrates its engaging, hands-on food literacy and nutrition education into a schools curriculum and teacher’s lesson plans. If your students are studying the ancient Mayans, for example, the CFL will supplement your lessons with the history of corn in Mexico, the biology of the plant, or common uses of corn today. Students can sprout corn seeds, grind dent corn into cornmeal, learn about nixtamalization, and make their own tortillas and quesadillas.

Science lessons on the freezing temperature of water versus other liquids can be taught by making ice cream in a bag, or lessons on fruits can be supplemented with a fun “Is that a Fruit or a Vegetable?” game and nutrition education on the importance of eating whole, unprocessed foods and the colors of the rainbow. The possibilities are many.

We offer over 20 lessons and videos, and will customize our programming to suit your school’s or classroom’s needs.


Milk, and Butter or Ricotta Cheese and Paneer

Corn, and Tortillas or Corncakes

Eggs, and Pasta or Crepes or French Toast

Oats, and Granola Bars or Oatmeal

Spices, and 5-Spice Mix or Taco Mix

Cacao, and Truffles or Mexican Hot Chocolate

Beans, and Veggie Chili or Hummus

Eating the Rainbow, and Smoothies

Wheat, and Crackers or Cavetelli Eggless Pasta

Healthy Bodies/Healthy Earth, and Sprouting Beans or Bread Crumbs

What’s in that packaged food anyway?/Reading Food Label and Homemade vinaigrette

Smell and the Human Nose, and Spice Mix

Taste and the Human Tongue, Salad Dressing or Stir Fry Sauce

Rice, and Spring Rolls or Sushi or Boiled Rice

Chiles, and Tomatillo salsa

Kitchen Knife, Kale Salad and Mango-Tomato Salsa

Herbs, and Pesto or Herb Tea Bags

Bees, and Honey

Strawberries, and Jam or Fruit Yogurt Parfait

Vegetables, and Pickling or Kale Salad

Yeast, and Pizza Dough or English Muffins or Naan

Avocado, and Guacamole

Sweet Potatoes, and Baked Fries