What People Are Saying about THE CHILDREN’S FOOD LAB

“My daughter, Evelyn, love-love-loves Jill's Food Arts and Sciences class. Jill's creative, hands-on approach to learning about food balances food-facts, actual cooking, fun, and science-basics in a way that has Evelyn happily relaying her experiences after class and for days after. I believe Jill's class will have a lasting and positive impact on any young chef-scientist in attendance.”
— Sylvanus S., dad of 2nd grader

”I love the food that we get to make and eat. Ms. Jill has really creative ideas for cooking, like crepes and French toast, which I didn't know how to make. I am so glad I'm in the class, and I want to be in the class next year, too!”

— Tess A., 4th grader

”My daughter loves the class! She comes home brimming with information about ingredients, food, recipes and good nutrition -- and she can't wait to show me what's she's learned that day. I also really loved the informational emails that include each courses' highlights as well as the recipes that were used in class. We've referenced them while cooking our own meals together!”
— Natasha D., mom of 1st grader

”I love taking Food Arts and Sciences class because I love making delicious food!”
Charlie K, 2nd grader

”My son had such a great time. She did a good job of incorporating the science and historical facts into teaching the hands-on cooking skills.”
— Kim Y., mom of 2nd grader

”All I can say is the Food Arts and Sciences Class is by far the best part of Sebastian's week. He loves everything about it - from the lessons on each ingredient, to the making, and most definitely to the tasting.”
— Juliet S., mom of 1st grader